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Tuesday 12 April 2016

Bureau of Visual Records

    “Nothing like a cup of hot chocolate for a sound nights sleep.”
    There’s no night-time maid in ‘Checkmate,’ that’s probably because Number 8 makes Number 6 his nightcap of hot chocolate. And seeing as his nightcap is usually drugged, did Number 8 drug his night cap that evening, she may have done albeit unwittingly. Because any drug may be dispensed through the water supply. So in Number 8’s eyes, she was merely carrying out an act of kindness. And perhaps because Number 8 had been good enough to have made his nightcap of hot chocolate, he thought it without additives and so good enough to drink, and did so quite freely.
    “Yes nice chocolate.”
    “Oh you like it?”
    “Would you like some more?”
    “No, no thank you very much, but it was a kind thought though.”
    “Yes, it was a nice thought.”  

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