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Tuesday 26 April 2016

Village Life!

    “Electrics sir, sorry for the intrusion.”
    “That’s alright.”
    “However did you come to break the loudspeaker?”
    “I was trying to switch it off.”
    “Oh you can’t do that sir, there’s no on/off switch.”
    “Yes I discovered that, then it simply slipped out of my hands.”
    “Well never mind, accidents happen. I have another one here.”
    “Oh good! How will you turn it on with no switch?”
    “There’s a knack to it sir. I just knock on it three times.”
    “And that’s it?”
    “Not quite. An Observer hears the knock, and he or she tells someone to switch it on. Its wireless you see.”
    “Yes I know what a wireless is, thank you very much.”
    “No, what I mean is sir, that it’s operated wirelessly.”
   “Yes my granny has a wireless set.”
    “Its wireless because it doesn’t have any wires!”
    “It doesn’t have an on/off switch either!”
    “Yes sir, some people find that annoying.”
    “Not me, I love music.”
    “Yes sir, it looks like it. Well if you don’t mind I’ll just install this new speaker, and clear the old one away.”
    {The electrician knocked three times on the speaker and instantly music played.}
    “Always nice to have a bit of music while you work isn’t it sir. But try not to break this one, I’ll only have to come back and install another speaker.”
    “I’m going for a walk if you don’t mind.”
    “I don’t blame you. Can’t stand Monteverdi myself”

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