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Monday 25 April 2016

Fotheringay Here!

    Who is Fotheringay speaking to on that telephone? Its red and that colour is suggestive, because the red phone is generally described as being the “hot-line” to someone of importance. It’s highly unlikely he’s talking to the Colonel, and seeing as Fotheringay isn’t actually in London, but The Village. Its improbable that he’s talking to a higher authority such as Sir Charles Portland for example. However seeing as Fotheringay is in The Village who does that leave? It’s unlikely to be Number 2, seeing as his only involvement is to have seen Number 6 and Nadia escape The Village together. So that can only leave Number 1! Fotheringay, minor Civil Servant speaking to Number 1, that doesn’t seem likely. It may be supposed he’s speaking to someone, or is it that Fotheringay is merely dressing the scene, but who for? After all Number 6 hasn’t been delivered in that crate yet. So it must be the television viewer that Fotheringay is acting for, seeing as there’s no-one else in the office at that moment. But once bitten forever shy, because Fotheringay is fooling no-one, not once the television viewer has seen him for what he is.

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