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Saturday 16 April 2016

Anyone At Home?

    It must have been a bit on the quiet side, work-wise, for this bureaucrat manning the office on a Saturday, seeing as he was able to spend time on the crossword puzzle in either The Times or The Telegraph  newspaper. He had a cup of tea for his elevenses, but no biscuits this time, there’s no tea plate. I observe that he has a telephone close at hand. I expect that’s the hot-line, just in case anything of importance takes place. That way he has a hot-line to either the Colonel, or some other high ranking Civil Servant. Not too sure about the pink though. I hope there’s nothing significant in that!
   Anyway, something of importance was about to happen, he was about to be interrupted by someone very familiar to him, when ZM73 came calling once more.
    “Anyone at home?” ZM73 asked the man, sat behind the desk.
    The bureaucrat looked up at his visitor.
    That “Anyone at home,” might be a reference to anyone of a higher authority being in the office, such as the Colonel. However there could be a different interpretation, one to do with the mental processes.
   The man sat behind the desk is in the middle of doing a crossword puzzle, therefore his mind would be elsewhere, hence the question “Any one at home?” This interpretation came about whilst watching an episode of Poirot recently called ‘The Wasps Nest.’ A chap was attending a bonfire in his garden, he stood there thinking. His fiancée came up behind him, hit him on the head with a copy of Vogue magazine and said, “Anyone at Home?”

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