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Thursday 21 April 2016

What Might Have Been A Favourite Scene In The Prisoner

    When in ‘Fall Out’ Number 6, or rather the former Number 6 because having survived the ultimate test he is no longer to be known as Number 6, or indeed any number at all. When he takes the stand, I naively thought, watching ‘Fall Out’ when I was but 12 years of age, that Patrick McGoohan was about to make a statement that would go towards explaining something about why he had been abducted to The Village. That he might have given the reason behind the Prisoner’s resignation, giving something away. But nothing of the kind, this one wouldn’t drop his guard with his own grandmother! Instead he left it to us to figure it out for ourselves. The trouble was it would be another eight years before I got the chance to see ‘Fall Out’ once more. And again in 1977, it would have been a hat trick, if Yorkshire television hadn’t cut it’s screening of the Prisoner about halfway through the series. Because where I lived in Lincolnshire at the time, I could pick up Anglia, Central, and Yorkshire all part of ITV’s regional television network. And all three stations screened the Prisoner one after the other. So by the time Yorkshire began screening the series, I had already watched it twice. And I found that marvellous, well I hadn’t a video recorder at that time, so I was most fortunate indeed.

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