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Thursday 29 September 2016

A favourite Scene In The Prisoner

    When the Butler stands on an outlook overlooking the Piazza, where the citizens parade around in fancy dress costume, because its carnival! The Butler holds up his black and white striped umbrella, not because it’s raining, but to act as a parasol to protect himself against the sun. As indeed do a number of citizens in the Piazza. Plus of course twirling colourful umbrellas do add a little something to the parade. And the Brass Band is playing, from Mini-Mokes which are driven round in the parade.
   I like this brief scene in ‘Dance of the Dead,’ because it appears at the end of the previous episode ‘Many Happy Returns.’ When Number 6 looks through his cottage window upon this scene, it suggests he arrived back on the morning of Carnival, at the start of ‘Dance of The Dead’ in fact. And so when I watch this scene in ‘Dance of The Dead,’ I cannot help but imagine Number 6 looking out of his cottage window upon this scene. The one problem with that of course, Mrs Butterworth {as Number 2} is in Number 6’s cottage, while a new Number 2 has been ensconced in The Village. Indeed while she is speaking on the telephone to Number 2, Number 6 is in his bathroom shaving. And with that the link I like so much between ‘Many Happy Returns’ and ‘Dance of The Dead’ is broken. Because when the
Butler stands on the lookout looking over the Piazza, its 8 minutes into the episode!

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