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Friday 9 September 2016

Extraction or Protection?

   When it comes to extracting information from Number 6, sometimes there are too many constraints placed upon Number 2. No extreme measure are to be used, mustn’t damage him say their masters, not wanting a man of fragments, or cannot use the usual methods, Number 6 being too important, but there are other ways! On the other hand take Number 40-the doctor in ‘Dance of The Dead’ who tried to extract information from Number 6 by using Dutton as a communications medium. He might not have succeeded, but we’ll never know if he could or might have done, because as it is Number 2 appears in the Control Room and puts an end to the doctor’s experiment. Perhaps because she was afraid that the doctor would go too far with Number 6. Unlike Dutton, Number 6 isn’t expendable.
    When Number 1 puts pressure on Number 2 it’s as though he or she is being put to the test as well as Number 6. It’s almost as though Number 1 doesn’t want Number 6 harmed, but doesn’t want the information he has extracted either. Is it Number 6 Number 1 is protecting, or the information inside his head?

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