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Monday 19 September 2016

Quote For The Day

    “Shouldn’t you be doing this in the hospital?”
                                  {The Supervisor - –Dance of The Dead}

    The Supervisor is of course referring to the experiment the doctor Number 40 is about to carry out on Number 6, using Number 42, Roland Walter Dutton, as a communications medium. So why is the
doctor carrying out a medical experiment from the Control Room, instead of in the hospital? The reason is probably because there isn’t a large wall screen in the hospital like there is in the Control Room, without which the doctor might not have been able to carry out the experiment. He needs to supervise Dutton, and yet be able to observe Number 6’s reaction to Dutton’s telephone call. But might not the doctor have conducted the experiment with Dutton and Number 6 speaking on the telephone whilst in the same room?

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