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Tuesday 13 September 2016

Village People!

   The Village enjoys a youthful population, many of who must surely work for The Village, and the reward for that is they are looked after you for as long as they live. Which means they are the senior citizens of The Village, those who reside in the Old People’s Home, and for them The Village is no longer just a blueprint, but an actual place. Some of The Village’s senior citizens were probably responsible for the construction of The Village in some way, bricklayers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers etcetera, who were then forced to make it their home. But one day those senior citizens will no longer be, but found lying in The Village cemetery, until one day no-one living in The Village will know anyone who originally came to work on The Village. But The Village would always need to be maintained, and so the youthful members of the population would be trained to work as apprentices, and take the place of their predecessors. 

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