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Wednesday 21 September 2016

You Don’t Want To Do That!

   Hold it! You don’t want to do that No.6, surely you know what would happen if you throw that glass ashtray at the television set. It will smash the screen, and the vacuum tube, or cathode ray tube, will either implode or explode. There will be a cloud of thick grey smoke, fire, and flying shrapnel. You seem to have knowledge of most things, so I should have expected you to know about that. But do as you please.
   Ah, that was lucky for chummy! This television doesn’t appear to have a cathode ray tube! Where are the valves? It appears that this television features a projection unit and a separate screen, but No. 6 didn’t know that! What he did was completely reckless, and at the very least endangering his own life, but then according to the doctor’s psychology report on No. 6, he has a total disregard for personal safety! So was No. 6 simply displaying an act of anger at those on the television screen? Or in smashing the television screen did he think he was breaking the television link between M.S. Plotska, stopping No. 2 from seeing what was about to happen aboard the motor cruiser? If he did, he was wrong! Or perhaps No. 6 being aware of what would happen if he smashed the television tube, and therefore carried out the act in an attempted suicide refusing to be retaken. After all there was a situation in the previous episode when Number 6 would have died first before he gave any information away! However having survived this, and seeing he had been given a second chance, he carried on with his attempted escape. Having overpowered the two crewmen, it’s just a pity that No.6 couldn’t find a way to disengage the lock on the helm. But with the rudder amidships, the white membranic Guardian came along to act as a rudder and steer the vessel, and the helpless No.6 home.

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