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Friday 23 September 2016

The Village Hermit!

    A man living in a cave called The Therapy Zone, simply brewing his brew, his alcoholic brew or hooch. On the whole it seems improbable. A chemist living as a hermit brewing his brew and playing with his chalk, coming up with new formulae for drugs. Then Number 2’s people come along once a week, photograph the stuff, clean the blackboard for him so that so that he can start on another lot, but that seems even more improbable, but not impossible. However the supposed hermit is a chemist and its perfectly clear that he works as part of the medical staff, seeing as he has prepared and administered a drug of exact proportions to Number 6 through his brew to see him through the election. So what happened to this able and confident chemist to turn him into a nervous citizen, afraid of anyone who tries to enquire? Number 6 asked him what his number is, I’ve never understood why, as he must have had a better view of the “umbrella man’s” badge that the television viewer! Perhaps the “umbrella man” was like Number 48, that he was with them, but then he went and gone!

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