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Thursday 1 September 2016

The Right Blazer On The Wrong Man!

   Perhaps they should have put the right blazer on the wrong man!” It was Number 6 who should have been wearing the cream piped blazer! If they really meant to disorientate Number 6, which they did by conditioning his mind, making him think that he was someone else etcetera, then of course they should have gone the whole hog and made him wear that cream blazer! Had they done so, then Number 6, meaning Curtis, would have been wearing the dark piped blazer, and that would have made the Polaroid Photograph, which he takes from the breast pocket of his blazer, right. Whereas in the actual scene as it stands, it’s wrong. And Number 6 would have been even more wrong, no mental link with Alison, no mole on his left wrist, and he’d be wearing the wrong coloured blazer!
   Then later with Curtis dead Number 6 swaps his cream blazer for the dark blazer visually making him the real Number 6. However as he sets off to see Number 2 in the Green Dome to make his report, he has to impersonate Curtis if he is to have any chance of escaping. The scene between Number 6 and Number 2 pans out the same as it does in the actual episode, as do the following scenes leading to the climax. Number 2 sends Curtis off to see Alison because she might have some incite into Number 6’s motivations. After talking to Alison, playing with his lighter, and discovering that she has nothing to tell him, and yet lighting her cigarette the way he did, tells Alison that the man in her cottage is Number 6. He must then return to the Green Dome to make a further report to Number 2 about Alison being unable to tell him anything. After which, preparations are made for Curtis to leave The Village, but Number 2 has a nagging doubt in the back of his head.  Number 6 then returns to ‘6 Private’ in order to change into Curtis’ suit, collects his suitcase, then he as Curtis, and Number 2 take a taxi ride to the helicopter. Then it’s a quick flip to the landing stage, where Curtis will take a boat trip back to wherever he came from in the first place. Poor old Number 6, he tried to say as little as possible during that taxi ride. But Number 2 would persist, and then he brought Susan into the conversation. The only thing Number 6 knew of Susan, was the photograph in Curtis’ wallet, and the fact that she was his wife. I did once try to identify the actress in the photograph. Thinking that I recognised her face I contacted the actress. But sadly it was not who I thought it was. One day I’ll try again to identify the lady in the photograph, only it was difficult enough the first time. She might not have been an actress even, but someone on ‘the Prisoner’s’ production crew.
    Well that’s certainly a different take on ‘The Schizoid Man,’ by putting the right blazer on the wrong man. The end result would still have been the same, but would have put to rights the scene with the Polaroid photograph.                 

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