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Monday 5 September 2016

Quote For The Day

    “I won’t go for it, whatever it is, so you may as well stop trying.”
    “We never stop Number 6.”
                         {Number 6 and interim Number 2 – It’s Your Funeral}

    That’s right, they’ve never stopped trying not since the day of Number 6’s arrival in The Village. Not since Number 2 tried to get the Prisoner to give some information away during his debriefing, they’ve never stopped trying. And then they tried some more, by sending that maid to play on the Prisoner’s sympathies, ‘cept he ain’t got no sympathy, not for no-one that man aint! They tried all kinds of ordeals to try and get Number 6 to talk, they made him think that he’d escaped The Village and got back to London. They built him up to win the local Town Council election, then they knocked him down, but he still wouldn’t talk, not even having taken a beating from those two motor mechanics. Mind you that Number 2 hadn’t been in the job long enough she hadn’t, she didn’t know that you can’t beat the information out of Number 6. They got into his dreams, conditioned Number 6 into thinking he was someone else, then gave him a make-over to turn him back into himself, then faced him with himself in order to break him mentally. But that didn’t work either! They then tried an educational experiment call Speedlearn. But Number 6 involved himself and soon that was that! The Professor dead, Number 12 of Administration dead, and the General destroyed, things couldn’t get much worse than that! After that a doctor did try to get information out of Number 6 by using another of his patients as a communications medium. But he couldn’t fool Number 6, such was his strength of determination in not giving Dutton any such information of the projects he’d heard about, or the files he’d seen, even if he was asked just for headings and not details!
    But they didn’t stop trying, even though Number 6 would have died first before he gave any information away! They allowed him to go on a little sea trip, but I’m not sure why, as such action never lead to anything much. Except to show the control they exerted over Number 6. Or perhaps it was Number 6’s predictability that was displayed. In any case all that happened was Number 6 ended up back where he started from, in his cottage in The Village! After that they tried a new device, a reaction transmitter. Number 8 had been hypnotised into thinking she was in love with Number 6, and he with her. She followed him round like a dog, with the reaction transmitter hanging about her neck in a locket. Her emotions would be fed into the alarm system. If she for example thought she was going to lose Number 6, then her emotions would send an alarm to Control. Strange, but it would be a while before they tried again to get information out of Number 6. I suppose Number 1 was too busy enjoying seeing Number 6 breaking Number 2, who was forced to report himself as being a breakdown in control! And now here we are, ‘It’s Your Funeral,’ but they still haven’t stopped trying. Now an interim Number 2 has attempted to get Number 6 involved with Plan Division Q, because without Number 6, the plan would have lacked the necessary credibility for it to have worked. Well Number 6 did give the assassination/execution plan credibility, but Plan Division Q still failed, simply on the grounds of Number 6’s involvement. It would have been easier if they had simply purged The Village of malcontents, but somehow I cannot help but think Number 6’s name would then have been removed from that list altogether!

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