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Tuesday 27 September 2016

Rover And Out!

    I don’t think I can run any further, and I’m still within sight of The Village. I had planned to steal a Mini-Moke, but there was only one on the taxi rank, and that had a flat tyre! My heart’s pounding, my breathing heavier, my legs are tired in running on this soft sand. They’ll notice I’ve gone soon, what’s that in the distance............that white’s coming my way. They know I’ve gone and they’ve sent “it” after me oh God what now? That noise it emanates, a cross between Gregorian chant, a bicycle, and someone breathing through an aqualung, and then that blood curdling roar. Which way, out across the sand, or towards the cliffs, yes I shouldn’t think this “thing” is capable of scaling cliffs. But can I make it, its closer now, rolling and bounding along.....I’ve just got to make it, right run for it!
    The rocks, if I can just get over the rocks oh no its here, turn and face it that’s all there is left to wait, when you do that Rover suffocates its victim. Lie flat on the sand that’s the way, lay down flat and bury my face in the sand that way it won’t get me! Its close now, I can hear it breathing, I think its breathing........its stopped, if I look out of the corner of my eye......oh God no, have mercy nooooooooooo!
    The white membrane begins to take on a pinkish hue, then it turns red as Rover thoroughly absorbs the body of the man lying prostrate on the sand. His screams echo and re-echo as the man’s hands claw at the inside of the membrane, but the man grows weaker, and weaker as the enzymes within the membrane break down the human tissue, and the clothes he wears until there is nothing left, not even the slightest trace of bone or tissue, the man has been completely and utterly eaten away, dissolved, and absorbed.

Be seeing you

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