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Tuesday 6 September 2016

The Pri50ner Anniversary

   To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the commencement of the location filming for ‘the Prisoner’ at Portmeirion, last night my wife and I sat watching ‘Arrival’ in black and white. My old technology video player has the function to change colour into black and white. Why would I do that? Because that’s the way I had watched ‘the Prisoner on television every time the series was aired on television, until 1984 when I first watched the episode ‘The Girl Who Was Death’ on a friend’s colour television, and I wanted to celebrate in black and white. True colour does add another dimension to ‘the Prisoner,’ and yet watching ‘Arrival’ in black and white last night focused the mind, you are more aware, and concentrate more on the action taking place rather than that of the surroundings. It was an interesting and enjoyable experience.

  The BBC have covered the 50th anniversary on their website, why? because ‘the Prisoner’ was once screened on BBC 4.

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