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Sunday 11 September 2016

Village Life!

    “Now look lady, I’ve told you until I’m blue in the face. We don’t sell Woman’s Own, Women’s Realm, The People’s Friend, or The Radio Times.”
    No.36 “Well what magazines do you sell?”
    “The Tally Ho Journal and the Village Mercury, take your pick.”
    “Yes what do you want? No don’t tell me, you want a copy of Parade!”
    No.6 “Don’t be disgusting!”
    No.36 “Parade, what’s that?”
    “It’s a magazine full of birds!”
    “Exotic birds?”
    “Well one issue had this bird from
Ceylon, she was pretty exotic!.......Look I haven’t time to bandy words with the likes of you. And you, if you don’t want a copy of Parade, what do you want, no don’t tell me, I’ll tell you. A copy of Exchange And Mart.”

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