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Friday 9 September 2016

The Last of MGM’s Film Studios!

    It doesn’t look much does it? It looks to be an ordinary, and architecturally uninspiring little building. However this little electrical substation provided electrical power for years to the MGM film Studios at Elstree.
    Back in 1970, after over 30 years of film and television production, the doors of
MGM Studios, where the interior scenes for 'the Prisoner' were filmed, were closed, and over the next 16 years the site was gradually demolished.
   Today the site of the former film studio is occupied by office buildings, housing estates, and depots. And one can be forgiven for not realising the history and importance of the site, if one wasn’t aware. So much relating to the history of ‘the Prisoner,’ along with many films and television series have been swept away, but with one small exception. That ordinary, uninspiring little building, the electrical substation is all that remains of
MGM Studios close to the old East Gate of the studio.
   However this is set to change, because Sainsbury’s, who own the building, which is located next to the Supermarket’s distribution depot, have sold of the property for development. The work is not due to commence for another 12-18 months, but it will be a sad day when the very last piece of the iconic
MGM Studios will be no more.
   The news story can be read via the first link.

   And more information and details regarding MGM Studios can be read via the second link.

    Thanks go to Rick Davy for permission to use text information, and use of SR’s photograph.

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