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Monday 19 September 2016

Who Pays The Ferryman?

    Am I in heaven?
    I’m not in heaven?
    No, I’ve already told you that.
    Then I must be in.......hell!
    What makes you think that?
    Well there are only two places, heaven and hell. So if I’m not in the one, I must be in the other place!
    Its worse than that, you’re in The Village!
    The Village?
    Yes don’t you remember?
    All I remember is that I was............................
    In Prague, in the hotel Miramar.
    Yes that’s right with.........
    Shall we leave her out of it?
    If you decline we might have to bring her here to The Village.
    She’s done nothing wrong, I’ve done nothing wrong!
    Can you be sure of that, I mean absolutely sure with certainty? After all we’re all guilty of something.
    Not me!
    Especially you!
    Why me?
    I can’t go back, can I?
    No, you are beyond all hope, for you lies the deep dark pit of oblivion. Soon you will become a distant memory, and eventually a forgotten memory.
    Why me?
    I’ve already told you, because.
    That’s no reason.
    Reason enough in your case, and those who have gone before you.
    Wait, I can pay!
    What with?
    What kind of information?
    Any kind you like. Although we do not accept fake information made up on the spur of the moment.
    No, I accept that. But you will need time to verify what I tell you is true.
    And you think to buy your time with information?
    That will not appease the Ferryman. He expects payment in full.
    What credit units?
    You must prepare yourself for the journey.
    Who is the Ferryman, and where will he take me?
    To the
Island in the estuary, the Island of lost souls. See there he is aboard the boat already.
    But who, who pays the Ferryman?
    You, with all that you have, and more!

Be seeing you

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