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Sunday 2 July 2017

The Therapy Zone

     It means what it is, perhaps the most profound words spoken by Number 6, it means what it is, but what is it exactly? A Church door? Well only because that was a suggestion put forward by one of the members of the Awards Committee and Number 6 agreed. The other piece of the same geometric lines but rather more abstract, what’s that? Well it’s how you look at it, represents freedom or a barrier. The barrier’s down, the door is open and one is free to go, free to escape to the symbol of aspirations, freedom, knowledge, escape.........a pole! That’s all very well of course, but why the cross piece? Well all the pole would be, is a pole without the crosspiece! But is that what Number 6 aspires to, to escape to freedom through knowledge? It’s as Number 6 said, if he knew where he was sailing from, he could calculate where he was sailing to. But the knowledge he gained didn’t get him very far, because it was bogus. Number 6 was too trusting, too keen to believe, such is his desperation for freedom and escape!

Be seeing you

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