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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Caught On Camera!

    Number 2 completely loses it with Number 14 after asking what he was talking to Number 6 about outside the cafe. Of course it was Number 6 who was doing the talking, in fact he spoke a lot of rubbish asking 14 if he slept well. Number 6 didn’t, he had a terrible night, {perhaps he didn’t drink his drugged nightcap} he said he had insomnia, he couldn’t sleep, so restless. And there’s no point lying in bed when you’re awake. So he got up, went out {Obviously his cottage door wasn’t locked. Either that or they omitted to lock the French window again!} He had a long walk on the beach, it’s marvellous that time of day, invigorating. The air is brisk and clear, the rain on your face, the wind on your cheek. But don’t look, the waiter’s watching Number 14. It’s the only way, and Number 6 was so glad that Number 14 agreed with him. Well Number 2 didn’t believe a word of it, not after the waiter had reported that Number 14 had been whispering! Number 2 wanted to know what Number 14 had been whispering about, why the waiter should say that he was. Number 2 accused Number 14 of working with Number 6. And Number 2 thought Number 14 was the one man he could trust {obviously not trusted enough in the more important matters} and finally Number 2 accuses Number 14 of being a traitor, and delivers a back-hander to 14’s face. Number 2 completely loses it, shouting “Traitor, Traitor,” his hair falling forward as Number 2 leans over his desk in his rage. Then as he stands up his hair falls back into place. That’s because he has so much Brylcreem on his hair, thick like grease!

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