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Saturday, 26 September 2015

More Village

    It will soon be time to watch THEPRIS6NER once again. It seems a long time since April when I celebrated the 5th anniversary of the series premier here in Britain by watching the series then. After watching, I’m still left wanting more Village. I suppose it’s because each of the six episodes isn’t an hour in length, they’re not even fifty minutes in duration, the finale ‘Checkmate’ isn’t even 45 minutes in duration! But then as I’ve said before about THEPRIS6NER more is less.
    At least unlike the original, this series isn’t quite the vicious circle. Yes Michael is still a prisoner, but one who can make his own prison. A better Village, moral Village, with freedom in the prison. What’s more it’s still going to be in the desert. But which desert? Is the desert as unreal as The Village, that it’s only a figment of the imagination. Close your eyes and The Village is all about you, open them and it’s gone. If only it were that easy.
   The only way to make a better Village is if the constructor has no mental problems, has a clear conscience, with no hang-ups. A healthy body and a clean mind are the foundations upon which Michael Six might begin to build his better Village. But if the tools he uses are in anyway disturbed, well the road to hell is littered with good intentions.

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