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Saturday, 26 September 2015

Coming Face To Face With Oneself!

   The first person to come face to face with himself, was Number 2, and it damned near broke the man. Well it would, not only to come face to face with his other self, but to discover that he was in fact ‘C.‘ However he rallied and  began to speak to himself, as he came to realise that his other self was the only person that could help him. Because he had been given a white envelope by the Prisoner, and Number 2 desperately urged his other self to open the envelope. And yet it was to no avail. Number 2’s other self had been guilty of the same problem Number 2 suffered from, he underestimated Number 6!    
    Number 6 was next to come face to face with himself, in the guise of Curtis. Where Cutis came from we simply do not know, but we do know that he and Number 2 had once worked together. After all on the taxi ride to the helicopter Number 2 told Curtis {Number 6} that he had never seen him so strung up. Number 6 again comes face to face with himself funnily enough in ‘The General,’ when he’s uncovering those busts in the Professor’s house. The bust probably sculpted by Madam Professor from photographs of the subject. I couldn’t see Number 6 “sitting” to have his bust sculpted. He then came face to face with himself in the cloakroom in ‘Fall Out,’ that full-size effigy of himself wearing his own suit of clothes. And finally there is Number 1. The Prisoner’s self? His id against his self? Curtis? Or simply another look-a-like, Number 6 treats Number 1 the same as he does Curtis in ‘The Schizoid Man.’ Well he would have, had he been able to lay hands on the man. But to do that would have been rather repetitive. And so in the best tradition of villains and bad men, Number 1 suddenly has this compunction to climb up a ladder, to gain the high ground. And yet in doing that he has sealed his own fate. Or rather Number 6 sealed his own fate when he sealed that hatch. One would think, judging by the way he treats Curtis and Number 1, that Number 6  doesn’t like himself that much!

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