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Friday, 25 September 2015

A favourite Scene in The Prisoner

   There is a great deal going on in the scene as the Prisoner approaches the Piazza. A chap comes along to collect the Penny Farthing, Citizens parade around the pool and fountain, two men are fighting in the water, while the ex-Admiral floats his plastic boat into the water.
    A couple pass by and greet the Prisoner, well it is a beautiful day. The old couple didn’t settle for ages, now they wouldn’t leave for the     World. Number 2 tells Number 6 that from the balcony of the Gloriette.
   Again in the pool there is a man sitting in a dingy, I’m not sure if there’s enough water for him to actually row that craft about the pool. There is a sign “
Free Sea,” I’ve never really known the meaning behind that sign.
   People are parading around the piazza, some with open umbrellas, although its not raining, so acting as parasols for protection against the sun. Senior citizens being pushed about in wheelchairs, another riding a tricycle, three Mini-Mokes are driven around the Piazza, the drivers not looking for a fare, but seem there to make up the parade.  Suddenly Number 2 gives the order to wait, then be still, and everyone stands stock till, as everything comes to a stop. And then the Guardian puts in an appearance, balanced upon the water spout of the fountain. The Prisoner makes to move but finds himself rooted to the spot. Then miraculously the white sphere then moves to the top of the Gloriette, and it’s grown hugely in size, and then even the water spout stops! A young man in sun glasses and a striped jersey begins to dash about in no certain direction. The young man, who hasn’t gone anywhere, but he still appears to be dodging about without really dodging about if you get my meaning. Number 2 tells him to come back, but he hasn’t run away yet! And then there’s a blood curdling roar emitting from the white membranic sphere, and it comes down, floating in the air towards the uncertain young man. The thing is quickly upon its prey, smothering the man’s face with its membrane and suffocating him into either unconsciousness or to death. And then the Guardian is gone, moving off quickly down the steps of the Piazza and across the lawn. The Prisoner asks “What was that?” To which Number 2’s reply comes “That would be telling!”
   There is a comparison to be made here, between the young man who for some unapparent reason dodges about the Piazza, and Number 14, the chess champion of ‘Checkmate.’ The fact that when there’s a Guardian about and everyone is standing still, they are able to move about quite freely.

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