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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Village Life!

    It would appear that the Piazza has been turned into one of those so called “shared spaces,” where traffic, cyclists and pedestrians share the same space. It looks rather unsafe to me, in particular for those people in wheelchairs. Look, there’s one chap in dark glasses and striped jersey dodging about, trying to avoid the traffic. If he’s not very much careful he’ll end up being run over! But thankfully this “shared space” is well policed, and a Guardian quickly moves in to subdue the pedestrian as he has not only become a danger to traffic, but also to himself!

Be seeing you


  1. At first glance it may well look like a lively (small) town square. But one question remains, however: Just what are people doing there? Ever cruising around the "Free Sea" pond, what is it good for? Or is it only on certain occasions such as carnival?

    1. Hello Arno,
      The good people are parading, or rather promenading, around the Piazza, as people would have done in the parks, in public places, or along the promenade of seaside towns during both Victorian and Edwardian periods. They did it to be “seen” as it were.
      As for the pool and fountain they are just that, but I’ve never have been able to come up with an interpretation, or know the meaning to the sign “Free Sea!” It appears to be as pointless as it is enigmatic.

      Very best regards

    2. Well, yes. But this answer still leaves me a bit guessing. There is a notion that it's been staged, or compulsory if you like. The colourful appearance not withstanding. All the more as it goes around the pond which is only a few meters in length and width. "Free Sea" must be taken for what it is: a first-rate cynicism as far as the Village powers are concerned and as an ironic touch as well, linguistically speaking. as far as the script writer(s) or the production design goes. - BCNU!

    3. Hello David and Arno,

      it's just the always cheerful, colorful daily walk in the prison yard.

      Regarding the "Free Sea" - yes, I think so too. It's cynism at it's best. And also it's a sign for how manufactured "freedom" is in the Village. Freedom is confined to this place, and artificially crafted, like the fountain.

      Best wishes

    4. Excellent! Why didn't it cross my mind?
      Would someone like No. 6 "buy" prefabricated freedom if it could be obtained like any smartphone today? Any "You're free to choose" line sounds deceivingly like that, doesn't it! - BCNU!