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Monday, 21 September 2015

The Appliance of Machines!

   Here in Britain recently there has been a great deal of talk and discussion about machines getting better than man. Machines one day beccoming self-aware, suggesting that robots could do the work of men and women. Mind you with that thinking the machines in The Village were pretty self-aware. After all in ‘It’s Your Funeral’ when Number 8 twice programmed their machines for percental appraisal of their own efficiencies, each time they refused to give the information. This was done simply by not returning the data to Number 8. Number 2 suggested that the machines would want their own Trade Union next! But in any case, the machines appear to take a leaf out of Number 6’s book, refusing to give any information away!

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  1. Hello David,
    I guess they repeatedly got a result they couldn't process. In computing there is a fitting term for "a numeric data type value representing an undefined or unrepresentable value" - It's NaN, Not a Number. I think this is what they ran into.... Ironically the machines just repeated what Number 6 tells them every time.

    Best regards,

    1. Hello Jana,
      A NAN "Not A Number," I like that. Thank you, an interesting comment.

      Very kind regards