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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Rebelling Against The Figures!

    During their deliberations of ‘Once Upon A Time,’ Number 2 role-playing as a High Court Judge and the Prisoner, well as the Prisoner, he tells the Judge he was rebelling. That he was rebelling against the figures, that in itself must have made living in The Village a living nightmare for the Prisoner. A place where everyone is known only by their number, it's no wonder Number 6 only wore his badge when it suited him! But then how else are we to know the Prisoner, seeing as he refuses to give his name.
   And Decree Absolute, just how many times has the psychological process been undertaken? How many prisoners previous to Number 6 have made it thus far? Has anyone at all made it this far as Number 6? Possibly they have, because the first person in the Embryo Room is the
Butler. Had he merely been briefed by Number 2, or had he been there before, aiding a previous Number 2? It seems unlikely that any Number 2 would survive the psychological battle more than once, and as we see, not even once! On the other hand Number 6 might well have been the first prisoner to undergo Decree Absolute, what after all appears to be an extreme measure. Because against him there was no other way!
   But rebelling against the figures, perhaps Number 6 simply didn’t fancy working in a Bank for the rest of his life. And perhaps those behind The Village were tormenting the Prisoner by putting him where everyone is reduced and simplified by their number.

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