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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Bureau of Visual Records

   Even though The Village helicopter, a French Alouette, is fitted with floats, this is the only time we see the helicopter having landed on the still water of the estuary at Portmeirion, during the filming of the Prisoner there in September 1966. The film, from which this still is taken, of the Alouette landing upon the water was filmed by an amateur film-maker either visiting, or staying at Portmeirion at the time. And if it were not for amateur film makers, we would not be privy to much of what took place during the filming of the Prisoner at that time. It is interesting to note, that at no time during the series of ‘the Prisoner,’ does the helicopter land on water at The Village, which is a pity. It would have been nice to see the Alouette helicopter landing on the water to retrieve Number 6 from the water in ‘Free For All’ after his encounter with the Guardian. Instead of him being taken back to the shore by the three Guardians.

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