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Thursday, 17 September 2015


    Any film or television series or programme which appears to contain anything remotely likened with the 1960’s television ’the Prisoner’ is described as being Prisoneresque. I myself have used that word on many an occasion. Indeed I have, in the past, yearned for anything remotely Prisoneresque. I have enjoyed ‘Twin Peaks’ to the ‘The Truman Show. ‘Jekyll’ in 2007, ‘Cape Wrath,’ 2007, and ‘The Scapegoat’ 2013, not only in their own right but also for their Prisonereque aspect. This was due to the lack of a new series or feature film of ‘the Prisoner’ having been produced. There had always been rumours of such a project. Even Patrick McGoohan said he had written a script for a feature film or series to be produced. But nothing ever came to fruition, well not until 2009.
    Now there’s ‘Wayward Pines,’ or rather there was, a television series produced by Network Fox. I understand that this series was praised for its Prisonerseque quality. I cannot comment as I have not seen the series, and in any case it would appear that ‘Wayward Pines’ has been a flash in the pan, as the second season has been cancelled.
    I no longer have the craving for Prisoneresque television series, as I have the real thing in THEPRIS6
NER. All I have to do is place the DVD disc into the machine and THEPRIS6NER is there for me to watch. There’s nothing Prisoneresque about it, well there is I suppose, depending upon your point of view. But for me it’s the real thing, no substitute is any longer required, and has not been since 2010! 

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  1. It crossed my mind that the film CUBE, to me arguably, is the most prisoneresque one to date. Meaning, this film does perhaps anything but not try to ape the original But once upon a time there was an article: - BCNU!

    1. Hello Arno,
      Yes I knew that I hadn't mentioned a number of films, 'The Cube' being one of them. In fact I had forgotten about 'The Cube,' it's a film I haven't watched for serveral years, so thank you for reminding me. The film was very well produced, as I understand they only had five different coloured cubes for the production. Apparently there should ahev been six different cubes to represent the recuring theme of six through the film. Yes I'd agree, 'The Cube' is very Prisoneresque, and yet I've seen one or two British television series which are equally Prisoneresque in recent years.

      Very best regards