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Saturday, 12 September 2015

Interior Design

    The Sheriff’s office, or Jailhouse, appears typical of its type from the American Wild West in the 1800’s. A couple of roll top desks, one for the Sheriff and one for his deputy. Two cells, a rifle rack containing 5 Winchester rifles. There’s a safe, two wash stands with basin and water jug and soap. There’s a stove always with the coffee pot hot at all times. Two oil lamps hang from the ceiling, and each desk has its own oil lamp. Charge books and ledgers, a four tier filing cabinet, chairs, a saddle. A pair of Buffalo horns adorns the wall, along with a calf’s hide. There are a number of wanted posters, along with one proclaiming that “The Bishop Is Coming.” A land sale poster for central Dakota “Millions of Acres.”  There is also a barrel with a tap fitted, but it must be empty, as the barrel stands on its base! There are also a number of bottles and jugs covered in wicker work.
   When the Sheriff enters the Marshall’s office and hands in both his badge and gun, he does so in this same office. Because the Marshall’s flat desk is positioned more or less opposite the other roll-top desk in this picture! Well they wouldn’t have two such offices when the one serves both purposes!

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