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Friday, 4 September 2015

More Village

    Ian McKellen was right when he said that all the clues are there to be followed right from the start of the first opening scene of ‘Arrival.’ Mind you it wasn't too difficult to figure it out, and we did get the answers we were looking for in the final episode of ‘Checkmate,’ or should that have been ‘Dance of the Dead?’ Certainly there was more about death in the final episode than there was about chess, even though it was to say a "Checkmate win" for Two. And there is a chessboard, even though it is of reduced size!
  So, Six was dying, he had a fever, of the brain? Two's son 11-12, subsequently went and hung himself in the "Go-Inside" club. There was a Village State funeral for Two's son after he had hanged himself in the Go-Inside bar, but not for Two's wife. As for M2, well who knew her? No-one in The Village, seeing as she rarely steps outside Palais 2 and go out into The Village. Only once did she do that, in ‘Checkmate’ to spend some time with her son. So with 11-120 gone, Two, has to get Six to accept the position of Two, and the people to accept Six as the new Two "We want Six, Six is the one. We want Six, Six is the one. We want Six, Six is the one. We want Six, Six is the one. We want Six, Six is the one." Well who could refuse with such a catchy chant as that? Almost as good, perhaps better, than "Six for Two, Six for Two, Six for Two, Six for Two." and so it was that Two once again produced that hand grenade which he had always foreseen that he would use against himself one day, and blew himself to bits. A Village death, which is no death at all, as he simply washed away his subconscious of The Village.
    So we know how The Village came into existence, and why it came into existence, through an experiment which was being carried out by Curtis' wife Helen, having created The Village in one of the deep subconscious layers of her mind. Which must surely mean that Helen, or as she was at the time, Two's wife, had not in fact given physical birth to her son 11-12. That 11-12 was but a figment of her over active imagination! It's no wonder then Two's reaction to his fictitious son. Two asked his son if his Two dynasty would continue, that 11-12 would have children, his grand children, when all the time Two knew that that was impossible. Because11-12 was a homosexual. Two was in fact looking to the future of the Village, to hand his legacy onto someone. That someone was Six, or I should say Michael, for him to make of the Village what he will.
    Number 6 in the original series was offered ultimate power, which he rejected and at the same time rejecting Number 1. Six in this series finally accepts The Village and the power behind it, but he does not become Number 1, he becomes Two. And in this series Two is the boss because there is no One!

Breathe in….breathe out….More Village!
Be seeing you.

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