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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Who’s That On The Telephono?

    Number 2 “Yes what it is, what’s the matter?”
    Supervisor “Supervisor here sir.”
    “Yes well?”
    “I’m on turquoise.”
    “The colour of the mobile phone, its turquoise.”
    “Is that what you telephoned me to say?”
    “What’s the colour of your telephone?”
    “Waaahhhhhht!.........oh very well if I must, its yellow.”
    “These mobile phones are good aren’t they.”
    “I’ve never really given it much thought.”
    “Well they’re cordless, you can take them anywhere.”
    “Yes I suppose so.”
    “Bit bulky though.”
    “What do you mean by that?”
    “Well you can’t put it in your pocket.”
    “Who would want to put a telephone in their pocket?”
    “Well for convenience. Perhaps they could reduce these so that they fit conveniently in your pocket.”
    “What are you blithering on about? You didn’t just telephone me to talk about mobile phones.”
    “Didn’t I? Oh no, its Number Six……….”
    “I thought I told you to keep away from Number Six if you knew what was good for you?”
    “Yes Number 2, but….”
    “I don’t care what he’s up to, I’ve had enough of him!”
    “Yes Number Two, but…….”
    “Oh very well I’ll buy it, but what?”
    “He’s managed to attach a wicker basket to Rover, he’s escaping by weather balloon!”

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