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Friday, 25 September 2015

Quote For The Day

    “You didn’t sleep here last night!”
    “I thought I’d save you the trouble of making up the bed. Where’s the fancy costume?”
    “They’ve given me a new dress, something special tonight.”
    “And the cat?”
    “Gone. I didn’t make it.”
    “Everyone seems to be having a good time outside.”
                    {The maid-Number 56 and Number 6 Dance of The Dead}

    Through the conversation Number 6 is manipulating his right arm. Perhaps he slept on it in the night. Not very comfortable sleeping on the beach. And yet for a prisoner, Number 6 has a reasonably easy life, he doesn’t have to make his own breakfast, but that’s the same for many a prisoner. However they do have to make their own beds. But not our Number 6, he’s got personal maids for that. Well until the privilege of said personal maid is taken away from him. Then not only does he have to make his own bed, but also his own breakfast, except when Number 8 boils two eggs for him!
   The maid-Number 54 seemed surprised that Number 6 hadn’t slept in his cottage that night. Where did she imagine Number 6 had spent the night? In some lady’s boudoir perhaps! And Number 6, where was everyone having a good time outside? He was quick enough to catch onto the brainwashed expressions on the faces of the members of the local Town Council that time. So why didn’t he pick up on the blank expression on everyone’s face outside? To the well trained eye all the citizens were doing was going through the motions, parading around and waving their flags. No-one was cheering, smiling, or looking in anyway joyous! Even at the Ball Number 2 had to tell the musicians to play, and the people to dance. It was almost as though they were all being told what to do, and when to do it because they didn’t know. But it didn’t take much to turn docile imbeciles into a mob screaming for blood! Mind you it didn’t take long for them to settle down again, to be led away by little Bo-Peep looking after her sheep! Number 6 once described the people of The Village to Number 42 as being sheep. So if the people of the Village are sheep, then Number 6 could be described as a goat. Goats are trouble, and the citizens of The Village are mostly law abiding people, so sometimes when a goat strays amongst them things begin to happen, as they did after the Prisoner arrived in The Village!

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