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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Its As No.51 Says

        “I have met no-one here who has committed a crime!”                                

                      {Number 51 the Watchmaker - It’s Your Funeral}

    Everyone is in The Village for one reason or another. Number 53-the Rook for example, developed an electronic defence system, but he had the treasonable thought that all nations should have it, as he thought it would have ensured World peace. So they put him in The Village to prevent his possible defection to the other side. But the only thing was they lost the plans anyway, some petty bungling bureaucrat let his bag get swiped! 53 appeared pleased about that, so treasonable thoughts brought him to The Village.
    People like Cobb, Dutton, Chambers, and Number 6 are in The Village in order to have information extracted from them, and it’s only a question of time before they give it, or have it forcefully removed! And yet there are a large number of citizens who you wonder about. What possible reason could have seen them brought to The Village? Like Number 8 of ‘Checkmate’ and the couple who greeted the Prisoner on the day of his arrival, they didn’t settle for ages, now they wouldn’t leave for the World. Or Alison, and then there is Monique and her father the watchmaker. Did he go to The Village of his own volition, to work as a watchmaker? Just as others, like The Professor and Madam Professor apparently went there of their own free will. And yet both the Professor and the watchmaker had something in common, they had both become disillusioned! What’s more in the end Madam Professor remained in The Village a widow, perhaps the watchmaker was already a widower, seeing as there is his daughter Monique, but never a mention of wife or mother!

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