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Monday, 28 September 2015

What’s that John Drake Up To?

    First boy “That’s Patrick McGoohan.”
    Second boy “We know that.”
    Third boy “Everyone knows that.”
    “So what’s John Drake up to do you think?”
    “That’s not John Drake!”
    “How do you make that out?”
    Third boy “John Drake drives a Mini Cooper S.”
    “That’s a Lotus Seven.”
   Second Boy “And he doesn’t live here!”
   First boy “Who doesn’t?”
   “John Drake.”
   Third Boy “He lives in
   “Yeah, in a mews.”
   Second Boy “In Rawson’s gaff!”
   First boy “Yeah, Rawson was selling Naval secrets.”
   “Rawson was killed.”
   “So Drake moved into his mews house.”
   “I like that car.”
   “I’m going to have one just like it.”
   “So am I.”
   First Boy “I’m not!”
   “Why not?”
   “I don’t want the same car as you two!”
   Second Boy “Do you think that they want any best boys?”
   Third Boy “They might want a best boy!”
   First Boy “Well if they do they’d pick me.”
   “Why you?”
   “Because I’m the best boy here!”
   “No you’re not, I am.”
   Second Boy “Well I’m better than both of you!”
   David Tombiln “Oi! If you boys can’t be quiet, I’ll send you all home.”
   Second Boy “Now see what you’ve gone and done.”
   First Boy “Well I didn’t do it.”
   Neither did I!”
   Second Boy “Well who is this Prisoner bloke anyway?”
   “Patrick McGoohan of course, any idiot can see that.”
   “He’s John Drake!”
   “I like John Drake, he’s my hero.”
   “What about all those gadgets he uses?”
   “They’re not real.”
   “I bet you they are!”
   “I betcha they’re not!”
   Third Boy “Here, what’s them Undertakers doing over there?”
   “Waiting for someone to die!”
   “First Boy “Ask him.”
   “Ask who what?”
   “Ask Pat for his autograph.”
   “Not me.”
   “Nor me.”
   First boy “Excuse me Mister McGoohan, can I have your autograph?”
   “Wow, I don’t believe you did that!”
   “Neither do I. What’s it say?”
   “For Lotus thanks, signed Patrick McGoohan.”
   “Your name’s not Lotus!”
   “No, but I got his autograph!”
    Third Boy “Come on, let’s go and play
Danger Man.
    “Yeah, and this time I’m Danger Man.
    “No you’re not, I am, you can both be the villains who Drake’s got to get the secret papers from.”
    “What secret papers?”
    “The plans for a secret German rocket, that’s going to destroy London.”
    “What all of it?”
    “Well of course all of it. You wouldn’t have only part of a rocket destroy
    “Well I bags being the rocket………..woooosssh!”

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