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Saturday, 19 September 2015

In His Dream

    Mrs. Butterworth who is sure the Number 6 is the Prisoner’s lucky number! Some might argue that the woman who hands Number 6 one of her diamond earrings isn’t Mrs. Butterworth at all because seeing as ‘A B and C’ takes place long before ‘Many Happy Returns,’ and so Number 6 had yet to meet Mrs. Butterworth. But not if we go by the film library or production order putting ‘Many Happy Returns’, before ‘A B and C,’ then fictionally speaking Number 6 has met Mrs. Butterworth previously. And it’s always reasonable to put someone you know, or have met into one’s dreams. But if she isn’t Mrs. Butterworth then Number 6 put an in-joke into his dream, when the woman says “Number Six, I’m sure it’s your lucky number.”

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