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Sunday, 27 September 2015

More Village

   This is Helen {left} but in The Village she is known as M2, Two’s wife. She is only ever seen out and about in The Village once, and that was only to spend more time with her son, who she never knew, who she never even gave physical birth to. Her son 11-12 was but a figment of her own imagination! In other words she thought him up in her subconscious, but he didn’t turn out the way she thought. He ended up a homosexual, who murdered both his lover 909 and his mother!
    But in the end Helen became free of the Village, which Two handed over to Six and 313 {right}. But is it my imagination, isn’t there a resemblance between Helen and 313?

   The hair is both of the same colouring, and the facial features are similar. 313 is thinner in the face that’s all. It’s just a pity that Sarah isn’t like Helen, because its not 313 who is to dream the next Village, its Sarah. And Sarah isn’t like Helen at all, especially where it counts, in the mind, being psychologically disturbed since she was abused as a girl. Now, you wouldn’t want Sarah conjuring up The Village for people to live in her subconscious….would you?

Village might not be best for us after all!
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  1. "He ended up a homosexual"

    I think that could be better rephrased, David" - David