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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Debriefing The Subject With Number 2

   "You expect me to believe that" No.2 growled.
    No.14: But that's what happened. He came over........"
    No.2: "And asked if you'd slept well!"
    "Yes Sir."
    "The waiter said you were whispering."
    "I wasn't, but he was."
    "What about?"
    "......Well he talked a lot of rubbish. then he said the waiter was watching us..."
    "Why did Number Six say that?"
    "I don't know Sir."
    "Don't you. You're working with Number Six!"
    "Me Sir?"
    "And I thought you were the one man I could trust."
    "But you can. I'm loyal."
    "Traitor! Traitor! traitor!"

   Number 6 had been taking his revenge upon Number 2 for the death of Number 73. Number 2 had been driven to madness through his own paranoia. What’s more he branded Number 14 as a traitor, the only trouble was Number 14 was loyal. I say was, because when he went to ‘6 Private’ to take out his revenge on Number 6 after he’s put the poison in. Number 14 was finished! I do not expect Number 14 to have survived being thrown out through the French window, by Number 6, taking the balcony railings with him as he goes. He probably died of a broke his neck!

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