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Saturday, 12 September 2015

Citizen ?

    “How you feeling son. You’ve had a nasty experience.”
How does she know, unless she was told about the patient’s encounter with the Guardian by a nurse or doctor. Obviously she’s acting as a hospital visitor, sat there to watch for when the patient regains consciousness.
    What does this woman know of The Village Guardian? Has she had previous experience of it herself? And what was it that brought her to The Village? Whatever it was, it must have been a long time ago. Perhaps since the war, before the war, the only question, which war?!  One thing is clear, this woman is another of those citizens who does not wear a numbered badge. Unless its pinned to her nightgown beneath her dressing gown!
    As it happens, in his novel ‘the Prisoner’ Thomas M. Disch, he has a granny in a rocking chair, just like this, who turns out to be Number 1. And at the same time a robot!

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