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Friday, 18 September 2015

Quote For The Day

    “Where are you taking me?”
    “To the summit, to hand over your papers.”
    “Not to you?”
    “Even I work for someone.”
    “I’ve never seen him. No-one has ever seen him.”
    “We’re here.”
    “Are we?”
    “Oh yes, he likes impressive offices. Good luck.”
    “Aren’t you coming?”
    “I must go back, I can’t leave a party so long. People will talk.”
    “How will I know him?”
    “He will know you.”
                                           {Number 6 and
Engadine - A B and C}
    If no-one has ever seen “C,” if Madame Engadine has never seen “C” yet she seems sure that “C” is a man. As for “C” liking impressive offices, well that’s true, look at the office in the Green Dome, an in-joke perhaps? And when Engadine says she must get back, that she can’t leave a party so long, well she’s had a long drive from Paris… The Village!
    There has to be A B and C, after all the Prisoner’s whole life has been researched and computed, and that’s what it all boiled down to. If we are to believe the researchers and the computer got it all right in the first place. And yet Number 6 did dream of “A and “B,” once they had been introduced to him. “A” put me in mind of a dodgy second-hand car dealer, I don’t know why, perhaps he looks the kind of man who cannot be trusted. Who would sell his own grandmother! As for “B,” she’s a beautiful spy woman, capable until the chips are down, then she becomes helpless. She might well gain secrets by seduction. As for “C,” Number 6 made Number 2 out to be “C.” So clearly Number 2 isn’t “C,” which means that Number 6 is protecting “C” whoever he or she is.
    “C” could be Madame Engadine, engaged in bringing all kinds of influential people together, as well as those of a more notorious nature, at her celebrated parties in
Paris. Engadine and Number 6, or rather ZM73 are clearly old friends, one can imagine that he has attended more than one of her parties. Number 14 made the suggestion that Number 2 would be bringing Madame Engadine to the Village. But clearly Number 2 wouldn’t be in any position to do so, not after the escapade of this latest episode. No doubt Madam Engadine was forgotten once the episode of ‘A B and C’ had been forgotten!
    As for
Engadine knowing that “C” is a man, without ever having met “C,” well it was Number 6 who put that thought into her head. This in the same way that the doctor put words into “B’s” mouth, through manipulation of his own dream.

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  1. Hello David,
    just noticed it, I think this might be yet another example of a tunnel, isn't it?
    Best wishes,

    1. Hello Jana,
      Yes it is, quite right, and well observed.

      Best regards

  2. "...a long drive from Paris… The Village!" - Physically speaking yes, But I tend tend to think it all happened in the mind. - BCNU!

    1. Hello Arno,
      Yes that's true enough, in the Prisoner's subsconcious in fact. In that respect the journey would have taken no time at all!
      I suppose when I wrote it I became wrapped up with the physical aspect of the scene, forgetting that it was happeing in the Prisoner's subconscious. And yet I like it, physically speaking.

      Best regards