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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Thought For The Day

    On the day of his arrival in The Village the Prisoner asked the waitress “Where’s the Police Station?” to which the waitress replied “We haven’t got one.” Well The Village has a postman, he wears a British Royal Mail cap, admittedly the rest of his attire is pure Village. There is also a milk doorstep delivery, seeing as Number 6 at one point leaves his empty milk bottle on the doorstep to be collected. Perhaps the slogan on the milk float is “Pinta Man Is Strong!“ There’s a Royal Navy ex-Admiral, and a British army General in the Village. So presumably if there had been a Policeman, he would be dressed in navy blue as a British Police Constable. Or at the very least he’d be wearing the navy blue helmet of a Police Constable, but the rest of his attire would be pure Village. Probably a dark polo neck jersey, as a piped blazer of any colour wouldn’t go with a blue Policeman’s helmet at all. But then you may ask why would a Police Constable be needed in The Village? Well there must be some petty crimes which take place. Its understood that Madam Professor was once harassed by a prowler, who gained entry into her house. That’s housebreaking, a serious crime. He could also investigate the thefts of the Surveillance camera, the telephone from the kiosk, and the screwdriver and electrical components from the electrics truck which took place during the episode of ‘Checkmate.’ As well as two cases of car theft on the part of Number 6 and Number 8, the taking of two vehicles without the owners permission. There’s also the possibility of the charge of speeding, maybe even dangerous driving to be taken into consideration. Not to mention the possibility of a murder having taken place, that of the dead body washed up on the beach in the previous episode. Number 6 found the body of a dead man on the shore, but he failed to report it, and instead hid the body in a cave. Under normal circumstances such action would amount to charge of perverting the course of justice. For which Number 6 could have been arrested, and held accountable at his trial.
   Once upon a time every Village in
Britain had its country Bobby {Police Constable} but perhaps The Village in question looks to be a law unto itself, and therefore requires no further police agency. Oh The Village isn’t on British soil, and is made up of different architectures, Italianate as it’s described. Yet there is a prominent English feel about The Village, with English its prominent language. I’m even more sorry now, that there is no-one going about The Village in a British Police Constable’s helmet, going about keeping the peace, and saying “Evening all” as he passes by.

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