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Thursday, 17 September 2015

Thought For The Day

    Number 6 once told the Colonel that he could have been a member of the Town Council. He could have been, he probably should have been, then Number 2’s problems would be over!
   What, Number 6 standing on the Local Town Council amongst all those other brainwashed imbeciles, never! Certainly not willingly, but perhaps that’s what each and everyone of them thought at one time or another, when they still had a mind. The remnant of a brain, a heart of a human being. Each Number 2 who stands at his or her podium for the Council, are subdivided Number 2’s. But what is the good of them, the point, there is no point. Because Number 2 is the Chairman of the Town Council, and therefore has the only vote. The other Councillors do not even have a voice in the Council Chamber let alone a vote. Everything is carried unanimously and with a bang of the Chairman’s gavel!
    But are the twelve Council members really brainwashed imbeciles, or citizens merely acting the part? Whichever way it is, there is a similarity between the Councillors on the Town Council in ‘Free For All,‘ and the 8 members of the Committee seen in ‘A Change of Mind.’ Because like the Chairman of the Council, the Chairman of the Committee is the only person to have a voice! With the exception of the tape recorder!

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