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Wednesday 1 June 2016

Cause And Effect!

    Cause and effect, the cause ZM73 {we cannot call him the Prisoner as yet, or Number 6} having handed in his letter of resignation. The effect being his abduction to The Village, or so we imagine, because we simply do not know that for a fact. The matter of the Prisoner’s resignation might simply be coincidental, after all he had been under surveillance for quite some time prior to his having resigned his job. Remember that noise that sounded like a click, something in the mirror, or was it over there? Yes over there too! The question is who was watching ZM73, and why? The people he worked for? The Russians, or agents working The Village? Number 6 wasn’t sure if it was his own people or not, so how can we be? Number 6 did ask the Colonel if he was sure they hadn’t got a Village. But the Colonel declined to answer the question, which I feel only confirmed that he was sure they had a Village, after all, the Colonel was there in The Village. And by the end of ‘The Chimes of Big Ben,’ Number 6 knew it, and so did we the television viewer! The cause being that they wanted to know why ZM73 had resigned his job, the effect to bring the Colonel to The Village, causing the effect that when Number 6 arrived in an office he knew very well in London, the Colonel and Fotheringay would be there to greet him. Then a debriefing of ZM73 would follow, and the question of why he resigned would arise, and then he would open up to a familiar face, the Colonel’s. And he would, had it not been for the chimes of Big Ben striking eight just as Number 6’s wristwatch said eight. The trouble was there is an hour’s difference between Polish and English time. The cause being Post five had his wristwatch set at English, and not Polish time. The effect being Number 6 cottoning on to that, and thereby discovering the deception! The cause of one simple oversight, affecting the outcome of a very elaborate plan. But the question should be asked, how could anyone have foreseen Number 6’s wristwatch becoming waterlogged, and asking for Post 5’s Karel’s wristwatch so that he could time the journey? No-one could have foreseen that. But what effect might have been caused if Number 6’s wristwatch had been waterproof? There would have been no need for him to ask for the wristwatch of Karel’s. Yes the borrowed wristwatch was set at English time, but might not the effect at the end have been the same, as Number 6’s own wristwatch being set at the same time as Post 5’s? Seeing as both men came from The Village?

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