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Saturday 11 June 2016

Thought For The Day

   In trying to prove his identity Number 6 calls for Alison to go to the Green Dome. This in order to prove who he is by using his mental link with Alison-Number 24. The problem is, out of run of five cards Alison calls out only one correct card, and this is seen as a failure. However it might be expected that Alison would miss-call some of the five cards, as previously the score had been 17 out of 25, making 8 wrongly called cards. Taking that score of 17 out of 25, when she calls 5 out of 5 it seems just too perfect, and it would have seemed more natural if she had called at least one wrong card, considering the failure rate of 8 cards out of 25.
   Does the failure to call 4 correct cards out of 5 disprove the mental link between Number 6 and Alison? It’s certainly a sudden drop in percentages!

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