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Saturday 11 June 2016

Quote For The Day

    “What’s this?”
    “This is a new experiment.”
                          {Number 2 and the doctor Number 23 – Checkmate}

    I always think that when Number 2 uses those words he’s speaking in a derogatory manner about Number 8, having been wheeled into the Observation Room. Mind you he’s never seen the woman before, however he’s referring to the doctor’s next experiment. And the doctor is no better, describing Number 8 as a new experiment. She probably looks upon the woman in the wheelchair as just a piece of meat to experiment with, one adapted for humans from experiments using Dolphins in submarine detection. Another adapted from Pavlov’s experiments with dogs.
    Poor Number 8, hypnotised into thinking that she was in love with Number 6, and he with her. She had no idea that her love was manufactured. I do hope that Number 8 was later taken out of her hypnotic state of mind.
    As for Number 2, he might be an excellent administrator, he’s certainly unlike his predecessors, or indeed his successors. He doesn’t get his hands dirty when it comes to Number 6. Or with anything else, as he’s perfectly happy to let the doctor get on with her experiments, just as long as he keeps his hands clean! Mind you there was one other Number 2 who managed to keep his hands clean when it came to Number 6. But then he never really had anything to do, except to see that Number 6 and Number 8 escape The Village together, unhindered! It was later that he got his hands dirty when it came to Number 6, but it would cost him his life!

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