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Tuesday 21 June 2016

What Was It Number 6 Said?

   “I never realized I had a freckle on the right-hand side of my nose. When they come to make a film of my life story, you’ve got the part.”
    That’s a strange remark for Number 6 to make. Doesn’t he look in the mirror when he’s shaving? Except it wasn’t Number 6 who said that, it was Number 12, but the same could be said of him. And yet he was looking at Number 6’s face when he said it, which is no proof that Number 12 has a freckle on the right hand side of his nose, after all he didn’t have a mole on his left wrist!
   And why should Number 12, as Number 6, think anyone would want to film his life story, was he really so important? No doubt this is a sarcastic remark. And besides he could play the role himself!

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