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Wednesday 29 June 2016

Citizen No.8!

   Number 8, do you know you are the first male Number 8 in The Village, all the previous Number 8’s have been female. We hope there’s nothing significant in that! However with your special technique of manipulating Number 6’s mind, you are rather like Number 14 with her “wonder” drug, when she got into Number 6’s dream and manipulated it.
    You said that it had always worked. That means you’ve tried your technique more than once, with the same scenario? You also said that the people involved would become involved, and do what they would do in a real situation. Tell me Number 8, do you get on with women? Do women like you? Number 22 didn’t like you. How did you get on with your mother? You forced yourself on Cathy, and when she rejected you, you strangled her to death. You’re nothing more than a sex attacker turned homicidal maniac! Of course Number 22 was upset having to go through such a violent attack carried out on her by you! The experience of being strangled to death by your bare hands, even if it wasn’t real, must have appeared real to Number 22. It must have had a detrimental effect on her, it’s no wonder she ran out of the office like that. You want to be careful Number 8, they do say that the criminal always returns to the scene of the crime. And there is such a thing as life imitating art!

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