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Wednesday 1 June 2016

How Was That?

   Well quite frankly not out! Mister X having taken the place of the “late” Colonel Hawke-Englishe, stood at the crease of the wicket awaiting the bowler to make his next delivery. He did have a spurious look on his face, and he wasn’t out, because after the ball had been delivered Mister X caught it himself, and threw it into the bushes, chased after it himself, and a few seconds later the cricket ball exploded. It just a pity the Colonel wasn’t so quick witted, or if Potter had more of his eye on the game or kept a much closer eye on the Girl, perhaps the death of the Colonel might have been avoided! If only, ‘The Girl Who Was Death’ had been a much earlier episode in the series, then on a purely fictional level, perhaps Potter could have been sent to work in The Village as punishment in connection with the death of the Colonel, instead of being put out in the cold working as a shoeshine boy!
   Why was the Colonel working as a field agent in the first place? Someone more like ZM73, someone more suited to field work, should have been after the Girl. Mind you the same could have been said of the Colonel in ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling,’ and look what happened to him! Perhaps it was a question of the availability of field agents. But then again ‘The Girl Who Was Death’ was but a fantasy, and Colonel Hawke-Englishe a somewhat larger than life character, possibly eccentric. Possibly one of the last great Victorian heroes, in whose footsteps Mister X was bound to follow. Had ZM73 been assigned to the affair of ‘The Girl Who Was Death’ from the beginning, Colonel Hawke-Englishe would not have found himself in the field. But perhaps he had an eye for a pretty girl, and chose to go after the Girl himself. Sadly we’ll never know! Except it was only a fairytale, and I expect the Colonel never really made it into the field at all. But sat in his office controlling operations from behind the security of his desk, and the comfort of his chair. Drinking tea and eating biscuits, proper biscuits, the ones with cream inside!

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