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Wednesday 29 June 2016

Collector’s Corner!

   The Prisoner reclaimed! There are a few local charity shops which still sell video tapes, and it was from one of these which this Prisoner box set was reclaimed. I have done the same with a set of Channel 5 Prisoner videos before, and when I saw this Polygram box set produced in 1993 I just had to purchase it. As well as the 17 episodes of the series itself, it also contains ‘The “alternative” Chimes of Big Ben,’ as well as ‘Best of The Prisoner.’ The cardboard box is a little worn {as is the one I originally bought at the time in 1993} however the five video sleeves, as well as the videos themselves are in excellent condition and still play well, it makes a fine addition to my collection. These same videos were first produced in a box set by Polygram to celebrate the 25th anniversary of ‘the Prisoner.’ At the time these five videos were also produced to be sold as separate tapes, but with amended sleeves.

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