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Sunday 19 June 2016

Citizens of The Village!

   Despite those people who were brought to The Village as prisoners, because they either knew too much or too little, no-one seems to have anything much about them, certainly not in the same way as Number 6. When compared to him, citizens generally appear ordinary and unremarkable. Is that because they have been worn down, their spirit broken, lacking the desire to try and flee the confines of The Village.
    It takes Number 6 to gather about him a number of so called reliable men. There is no better example than this which demonstrates that these reliable men, a section of The Village’s population, are no more than sheep! Number 6 puts his plan to them, and that’s that, they follow unquestioningly. Is Number 6 really their best bet to help them escape The Village? Is there no-one who can help themselves? It would have been nice to see someone else plan, and execute an escape plan, but not to involve Number 6. It strikes me that it would be impossible for Number 6 to take a back seat, and accept instructions from someone else. He has to be in the driving seat all the time. But I suppose seeing as it was his plan of escape………..yet at the same time he needed others to help him, and if it had not been for Number 14, Number 6 would never have learned how to distinguish between the prisoners and the warders!
    Between the Prisoner’s arrival in The Village, and ‘Fall Out,’ no-one other than Number 6 attempts to escape The Village. Number 9 did tell Number 6 that she and Cobb had planned to escape together, but since Cobb’s death she has completely given up on the idea. Even to the extent of refusing to try and escape with Number 6. Well that’s because she knows that to try will be in vain! One woman who did try to escape, was Number 8, although that was in the company of Number 6, who would have found it difficult to escape without knowing where he was sailing from, so that he could calculate where he was sailing to. And that’s where Nadia came in. Yes it was what is termed a “put up job,” on the part of Nadia, but it was to all intents and purposes as far as Number 6 was concerned at the time, an escape attempt. And after ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ no-one, except Number 6, tries to escape The Village, not until the advent of ‘Fall Out,’ which eventually turned into a free for all for everyone to escape, whatever their eventual fate may have been.

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