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Sunday 5 June 2016

Thought For The Day

    Number 51, the Watchmaker, said that he had not met anyone in The Village who had committed a crime. Perhaps he like the Professor and his wife, went to The Village of his own volition. Certainly Number 53, the Rook, had not committed a crime, not a physical crime. His was the crime of thought, not deed. Having invented an electrical defense system he thought that all nations should have it, because in his eyes it would have ensured World peace. And that was enough to see him abducted to The Village, or was it? The joke was that some bumbling bureaucrat let the plans get swiped anyway. But who swiped the plans? It might be supposed that it was the Russians, but another thought might lead to an agent working for The Village. After all, the Administration for The Village might see the need for a defense system of their own, and having swiped the plans, what better than to have the inventor of that electronic defense system install it in The Village, on a smaller scale of course, and name it The Beam! The Beam as once deployed in the episode of Hammer Into Anvil! More than that, if anything should go wrong with The Beam, Number 53 was on hand to affect repairs, even perhaps to service and upgrade the defense system from time to time. He might even find employment in the electronics department. Such an electronics expert as Number 53 would be invaluable to The Village as a whole. So why not make him useful and put him to work?!

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